#LifePlusColor: Royal Blue

Royal blue is the brighter, cheerier, louder version of this otherwise reserved color. Like its blue cousins, it is also stable and collected, but packs a little more ambition and determination to grab attention. The royal blue color trend has maintained a presence with Pantone trend forcasts for a while. Here are some appearances on Instagram:

If you come across an amazing shade of royal blue in your day and want to share, use the hashtag #lifepluscolor. I (@tshirtjeansnicki) would love to see it. 

Have a great Monday!

---> Nicki


Recap & Roundup: August 2014

Here is what August looked like around T-shirt & Jeans:
Summer melons with lime and mint flavoring
My search for a husband
Sunday Thoughts on happiness and gratitude
Our BBQ chicken salad
Taking the plunge
Coral and peach color trends
Exploring work and play
Our living room
State Fair snapshots

Here are some of my favorites from around the web:

There's something about a beautifully simple wedding cake, like this one, that I can't resist (I also love the rustic cake stands).

An interesting view into Cambodian cultural differences, and why they don't try to "do it all."

Are you, by chance, stuck in a cooking rut? I know I am this summer. Here's a new series on cooking with what's on hand that may inspire you.

Some of the most unique and artistic food creations I've seen. 

I hope you all had a great August. Thank you for stopping by-I always appreciate it! 

---> Nicki


Snapshots {State Fair 2014}

I don't remember ever going to a state fair until I lived in Minnesota. Here, the fair is a huge deal. We took our whole family this year, and here's a bit about our experience. 

Made: a summer memory. 
Ate: apple cider popsicles (our new favorite fair treat). 
Read: that a boar can weigh 800 lbs., a pumpkin can weigh 700 lbs., and John Deere equipment can cost $400,000 (WHAT?!). 
Watched: for local djs, news anchors, and politicians (saw: none). 
Listened to: banjos, cows, and saws from a lumberjack competition. 
Wanted: a nose plug for those barns (#citygirl). 
Needed: more sunscreen. 
Wore: a t-shirt and jean skirt. 
Noticed: how helpful grandparents, an aunt, and an uncle are. 
Tried: deep fried Oreos. 
Felt: excited. 
Enjoyed: the baby's uninhibited adoration for all the animals. 
Planned: nothing. It was nice to just wander and play. 
Wished: I'd made it to the corn on a cob stand. 
Anticipated: putting my feet up. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!
---> Nicki

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All images by Nicki Hawes 


Our Living Room

Our little house is far from perfect, but we do strive to make it cozy, warm, and family-friendly. We like cushioned rugs, soft upholstery, and fabric that wears like iron. And personal art. And pretty pillows. A few well-edited accessories that stand up to tiny, curious fingers.

Our living room encompasses all these things. It has undergone tweaking and transformations, and has settled into a semi-neutral, texture-filled space. It endures a lot of sticky fingerprints and little, bouncy bodies, and still remains restful and easy to pick up. It is currently my favorite room.

This end table is a garage sale find from my aunt. I will always remember stopping by her house after work and painting it with her a few months before I got married. She also threw in the lamp (lucky me!). My home is on the traditional side, but I try to mix in a few modern pieces for a little eclectic, and less serious, feel.

The sofa was our big splurge. However, I was able to buy it deeply discounted when I worked at a design firm. It has held up amazingly well (yay for microfiber). I always loved this table runner from Target, and one day I walked down the aisle and found it on sale. It was just begging to be made into a mammoth pillow.

We inherited the other end table, the leopard chair, the two barrel chairs, and the piano from family. Good lines and classic style sure have a way of surviving generations, and I hope I have beautiful pieces to pass down to my children someday.

I'll save the mirror story/project for another post, but after a few identity changes, she finally found her true and best self.

The rug is an old Bed Bath and Beyond clearance item, but is hanging in there for now. The coffee table is from Craigslist, and the minimal accessories usually end up flung onto the floor.

I have a little "thing" for pottery, and the piano holds a few pieces away from small hands. They are a convenient home for piano lesson flash cards.

Down here lies my stash of home decor magazines that I will get around to reading eventually...

For now, they provide a good excuse to have a pretty basket in the room.

I covered most of our outlets in scrapbook paper. A subtle map print blends with the wall, and isn't too cute-sy.

That's our little living room. Clean and everything (just for you guys, wink).

Thanks for perusing.

---> Nicki

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All images by Nicki Hawes


Sunday Thoughts: Gratitude

A few months ago I taught a young sunday school class a lesson on gratitude. The manual laid out a demonstration using an empty cup, a bowl of water, and a spoon. The children each had a turn to tell me something they were grateful for, and then pour a spoonful of water into the empty cup. Their eyes became wider as they realized the cup would soon overflow. Some even spoke up, wondering why the teacher didn't stop this impending mess. I had them keep going, because the point was that gratitude causes your cup to "run over."

We talked about how the cup represented their heart, and I asked them how it feels to have your heart filled to the brim. The unanimous response was happy

Everyone wants that feeling. That bursting-with-joy sensation. Gratitude is one key to this, and it is not just a quick fix. The act of thankfulness is a powerful tool to fill up any heart, even those that are hardened, tired, broken, or battered. 

"Gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel. It elevates our moods and fills us with joy."    -Sara Avant Stover

I hope you all have a great week, filled with many things to be thankful for. 

Happy Sunday,

---> Nicki

Image by Nicki Hawes


Pin Your Friday Favorite- An Announcement

pin your friday favorite link party

I am so grateful to everyone who has participated in this link party, and I've loved seeing all your fabulous ideas. Due to some life changes with the other hosts, this party is no longer feasible for everyone.

If you are visiting because of a personal invitation from me, please let me know you are here in the comments, and I will follow your preferred social media account. I so appreciate that you came!

Without further ado, here are the last set of features: 


Eliza Ellis showed us how to make scrumptious no-bake lemon slices (I can't resist a good lemon dessert).

Old House to New Home used reclaimed wood to add some unique touches to her bathroom. LOVE this sign.

Mom's Morning Coffee shared a recipe for homemade oatmeal cream pies. YUM!

I love classic stripes, and this look from Home Is Where The Heart Is

Thanks again! Hope to see you around the internet :)

---> Nicki
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