Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Portraits of Home | Day 22 - The Big Picture

Our home address has:
a street number 
and a zipcode. 

This week, I learned about a few more lines in our address. I started watching the documentary "Cosmos-A Spacetime Odyssey" with my son on Netflix. The first episode took us on an imaginary ride to the most outer reaches of space we currently know of. Something about visually experiencing that really brought the universe to life. The host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, talked about our cosmic address, which begins with our planet. As we move farther out, the next lines are: 

the solar system
Milky Way galaxy
local group
Virgo supercluster
and observable universe...for now.

After Neil recounted the billions upon trillions of stars, planets, and galaxies, and then talked about the speculation of our known universe being a tiny drop in a mulit-verse, an infinite continuation of worlds without end, he turns to the camera a says, "Feeling a little small?" Um...YES!

Sometimes, just this world alone makes me feel small. When I reflect on the realities of our universe, I start feeling insignificant. How does what I'm doing matter in the great vastness of it all?

The answer, I believe, is in one of my favorite quotes:

"This is the paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God."
-Dieter F. Uchdorf

When I think that I am a speck compared to all that exists, I feel like nothing. But when I think that maybe all that exists was created for me, for us, for a purpose, then I feel amazed, and of great worth. 

My address may be incomprehensibly small, but what goes on in this house (on this little street, on this one little planet) matters.   

Do you ever feel small?

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Portraits of Home | Day 21 - The Last of the Garden

These are the last few items from our small garden. Dozens of little tomatoes, because I may go overboard with the one plant I know will be a success. Two underwhelming watermelons, because we tried something new.

Minnesota's growing season is so short, that sometimes it seems like a waste to even try certain things. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find pink inside when we sliced these open.

We usually don't eat watermelon after Labor Day, but this year, it was a nice treat.

Do you have anything left in your garden?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Portraits of Home | Day 20 - Testing, Testing

This morning, I am finally taking my own advice and putting up a swatch of paint before committing to it. I usually never have the patience for this extra step, and have had varying degrees of success going off those tiny swatches.

I'm getting wiser in my old age ;)

More on this creamy re-do to come in November...

Benjamin Moore Ivory White 925- matched by Behr.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Portraits of Home | Day 19 - Baking

Hope you were able to enjoy the day with a loved one. 

Happy Sunday. 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Portraits of Home | Day 18 - XO

Sending some love this weekend, and testing out a low-light, slow shutter app.

Have a great one!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Portraits of Home | Day 17 - Baby Blankets

My mother is a very talented seamstress, and she has this little hobby of sewing baby blankets. Her specialty is edging, sometimes by hand-crocheting.

She has sewn some beautiful blue ones, but her favorites to make are for the girls.

She started making girl blankets when I was pregnant with my 1st (son), and 2nd (son), and by the time I had my 3rd (daughter!), she handed over quite the collection. 

Every time I pull one out to wrap around my daughter, they remind me of my mother's neat, precise skills and eye for beauty. I feel fortunate to have them.

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